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"Multiply the successes you have so far, and you get more failures."

Project Elimination

Project Elimination Vol. 1
Author: You Min
Artist: Pompi
Summary: After the previous principal is murdered, a new principal takes the place of controlling Wesmin Academy---literally. Crime rate is increasing in the school, and head prefect Inoue Takashi will not rest until he figures out why.
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Project Creation

Project Creation Vol. 1
Author and Artist: You Min
Summary: Ex-police officer Isamu Kazuki becomes a teacher in hope to avoid reality, but not before he meets 15-year-old genius Takara Ryuu, who seems to only want himself dead. However, there seems to be more behind Ryuu's behavior...
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Lost Soul

Lost Soul Vol. 1
Author and Artist: You Min
Summary: One day, Okamoto Ryouta finds out that he will be killed by Shirakawa Eiji, an exorcist. The next day, the same exorcist who told him so saves him and offers to help him counter the evil spirit in him. Only one choice if he wants to live like a normal teenager.
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